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versity of Chicago Law Professor Geoffrey Stone told▓ NBC News."This is madness. It is the end of natio▓nal security journalism and the first amendment." WikiLeaks tweeted.The secret documents that Ass

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ange published were provided by former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, who was co▓nvicted at a court-martial trial in 2013 to ▓35 years in jail but released

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in 2017 months▓ after receiving clemency from outgoing U.▓S. President Barack Obama. Manning leaked some 700,000 military files including a battlefield video and diplomatic cables to WikiLea

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ks, the largest leak▓ of classified data in U.S. history.Assange was sentenced to 50 weeks in jail on May 2 for breaching the Bail Act in Britain after having been expel

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co-founder Julian AssangeU.S. f

led from Ecuador's em▓bassy in London, where he had lived for ▓nearly seven years. He said at the time that he does not consent to being extradi▓ted to the United States over charges related to lea▓king government secrets.The WikiLeaks databases contain ▓

iles 17 new char

ges against WikiLeak▓s co-founder

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s against WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assang

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    ▓ and diplomatic documents in 2010.
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